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Wii Ben 10 Protector of the Earth Game - Buy & Download

Ben 10 Protector of the Earth
Category: Action
Company: D3 Publisher
Price: $16.95
List Price: $19.99
Release Date: 2007-10-30
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Everyone 10+
About Ben 10 Protector of the Earth

  • Ben 10 Protector of the Earth is full of inter-dimension terror whose alien powers are stolen. He is a ten year old child and different from other children. He is youngest action hero that has saved earth and space from evildoers by his own power.

    Ben and his family will try to recollect all powerful abilities by defeating powerful enemies and doing proper planning for converting earth into Null Void. By making use of Kevin 11 and the Forever Knights Ben has done a proper planning for capturing Omnitrix and saving earth. Players will get entertain for many hours while moving towards United States and searching lost pieces of the Omnitrix. Well-known characters will help you for stopping Vilgax. By earning many points your character can be modified and can take part in different types of combats. This game can be played by Four Arms, Heatblast, Cannonbolt, Wlldvine and XLR8. There are 14 types of levels and 4 challenging areas can be searched. You can play this game in battle mode and played with other players in co-op mode. Character skins, show clips and concept art can be explored.

Ben 10 Protector of the Earth Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • After playing t...! by Steve Marshall
  • After playing this game Ben has become my favorite character. Although he is very small but by making proper use of his all powers, he do not allow evildoers for capturing major parts of the world. The graphics and colors of all scenarios of that world are very good.
  • This game has g...! by David Davis
  • This game has given me opportunity for doing journey in developed countries like United States. Through Kevin 11 and the Forever Knights, proper planning was done so I have finished this game at right time.
  • I have played t...! by Ron Collins
  • I have played this game in battle mode. By achieving highest score I was able to change my role while taking part in different combats. Some other things like skins, clips and art was modified by me. I got entertain for many hours while playing this game in wonderful environment of my choice.
  • While playing t...! by Elliott Levine
  • While playing this game in co-op mode with other players, I was indulged for many hours while reaching till 14th level of this game. By making use of all features of this game, I was able to capture Omnitrix and also searched missing pieces of the Omnitrix.
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