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Wii Mathews Bowhunting Game - Buy & Download

Details of Mathews Bowhunting
Category: Adventure
Company: Zoo Games
Price: $28.99
List Price: $29.99
Release Date: 2010-11-23
  • English
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Teen
About Mathews Bowhunting

  • Get ready to play 3 all new and different game modes which are included in Mathews Bowhunting such as classic hunt, arcade mode and target practice. Take advantage of practicing hunt at various well known locations of the United States. Keep track of several hunted animals like deer, bears, squirrels, rabbits, moose and many more. Customize your bows weapon in any modes and make it more powerful, so that you can hunt different animals easily. There are various collections of calls and scents added which you can use anytime throughout the game. Earn various kinds of trophy according to your hunting skill. With special technology of Mathews you can create bow and arrow in your own style and try to hunt various dangerous animals more easily.

Mathews Bowhunting Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • After playin...! by Jenning

  • After playing the entire game with my friends I have realized that the gameplay concept of it is more realistic as compared to other adventure game which I have played till now. Best game for all hunting lovers!!!

  • When I start pl...! by Anny
  • When I start playing Mathews Bowhunting game I have never got idea regarding gameplay, but when I saw my cousin playing the same game I have understood entire concept of it. I really felt myself speechless after playing the game because if I never learned it from my cousin, then I really missed such an interesting game.
  • This game also...! by Jack
  • This game also offers all new and different hunting weapons which I can easily customize anytime and also make it more powerful. Through this game I can also test my skill of hunting in a new way. Must play this game for once and change your entire experience of playing adventure game.
  • Graphics of the...! by Sharon
  • Graphics of the whole game are designed well and it also makes feel of an original hunting atmosphere. With help of target practice mode I can easily learn more new and interesting hunting skill.
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