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Wii Petz Dogz 2 Game - Buy & Download

Details of Petz Dogz 2
Category: Adventure
Company: UBI Soft
Price: $18.06
List Price: $19.99
Release Date: 2007-11-14
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Everyone
About Petz Dogz 2
  • Petz Dogz 2 is second version of Petz Dogz series. Players can choose any puppy of their choice from Boxer, Husky, robot, tuxedo, zebra and many more. Every dog will have various fur colors and textures and decorate them by wearing beautiful clothes and accessories. A perfect village for pet dogs can be made and puppy can be train them in fun manner. You can teach him many tricks and view all commands followed by him. This game can be played among friends and many mini-games are present. While playing, your puppy can take part in many competitions and home can be decorated by many items. A pet Journal can be made and used to keep record of thoughts, badges can be showoff and photos of many puppies are present. Sniff radar can be used and many interesting objects can be explored.

Petz Dogz 2 Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • Puppies are my...! by Russell
  • Puppies are my favorite animals so I do not get bored at any moment while playing with puppies. Among all species of puppies like Boxer, Husky, robot, tuxedo, zebra and many more, Boxer is my favorite as I thing he is more powerful than other species.
  • A perfect train...! by Monica
  • A perfect training was given to my puppy by many tricks. After this he was following all commands properly. This training helps him to overcome many obstacles and win many competitions.
  • All minigames a...! by Steve Marshall
  • All minigames are very interesting and they help me to overcome many barriers. A pet Journal was maintain and keeps record of many thoughts, badges and photos of many actions performed by puppies.
  • This game was p...! by Javier Zavaleta
  • This game was played by me and my friends. We all get entertain for many hours and I have decorated my puppy with beautiful costumes and accessories. Like this he was looking smarter than other puppies and I feel courageous after defeating many opponents.
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