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Wii Red Steel Game - Buy & Download

Details of Red Steel
Category: Action
Company: UBI Soft
Price: $3.75
List Price: $19.99
Release Date: 2006-11-15
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Teen
About Red Steel

  • Red Steel is the most captivating and appealing first-person action-packed wii game from UBI Soft that puts weapon in your hands. The entire game set in Japan and the US. A storyline is engaging that start in Los Angeles. Scott Monroe and his fiance miyu come at the most luxurious restaurant, where Scott has to meet Isao Sato, Miyu's father. Isao Sato is a business man from Tokyo. All of sudden, the restaurant blows up in frozen rain of gunfire by group of Japanese gangsters known as Yakuza to kidnap Sato.

    Now, Scott tries hard to save Sato, his future father-in-law. But Yakuza attackers are running and kidnapped Miyu instead of his father. Afterward Scott comes to know that Sato is the Oyabun, the Godfather of one of Tokyo's largest Yakuza families. The attack in the restaurant gives signs that peace is end between Yakuza families that Sato had guaranteed. But Yakuza wants to kill Sato and gets his sword, the Katana Giri. Katana Giri was a well-known sword, which has been once used to punish dishonorable Godfathers and then it becomes a symbol of peace. In the attack, Sato was lethally injured and he passes sword to Scott with the promise to save and take care of his daughter. Scott has no choice but try to find Miyu and head to Japan.

    Make use of the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to fight against enemies. Wii Remote itself turns into blade or gun, so player can slice and shoot enemies. Additionally, Wii remote will automatically sense direction, location of hand and also aim on-screen weapon. This exciting wii action game also offers lots of local multiplayer modes, where player can challenge friends in different locales.

Red Steel Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • Nice and awe...! by Jennifer

  • Nice and awesome mixture of fighting with swordplay in modern world! Japanese culture is outstanding that makes you fall in love. Moreover, I love gun battle that needs more power and efficiency to win here!

  • Recently bou...! by Richard

  • Recently bought wii console and want to purchase action packed game, so one of my friends suggest to buy Red Steel. I become eager to play after hearing the story. Now I can't wait to get the game. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow on my b’day.

  • Fun + sword...! by Paul

  • Fun + sword fighting = Red Steel. Hmmm this wii game is itself very interesting that keeps us hooked from beginning to end. The Japanese graphics are especially well done, as well as wii remote is too much responsive that makes too much easy to demolish opponent.

  • Video game i...! by Don

  • Video game is a nice platform that takes us in new environment and surrounding with new challenge! Yeah…friends sometime we immediately drop in our dream land and the Red Steel does exactly wht I want that’s y it’s my most favorite!

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