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Wii SimAnimals Game - Buy & Download

Details of SimAnimals
Category: Adventure
Company: Electronic Arts
Price: $30.00
Release Date: 2009-01-21
  • English
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Everyone
About SimAnimals

  • In SimAnimals there are more than 30 animals included in the forest and disclose various secrets of the wilderness to learn more about wildlife. Unlock different forest locations such as woodlands, swamps, castle ruins and many more. Perform several tasks and challenges to solve various secrets of wildlife. Now you can also play this game with up to 4 other friends. Make use of Wii remote controls to place the animals with their friends or feed them through different food items. You can touch everything in the forest with trees and flowers. Find out which plants grow faster when it placed near the water and also meet several animals in your way with unique skill and one-of-a-kind objects.

SimAnimals Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • SimAnimals is a...! by Cammy
  • SimAnimals is an interesting adventure game in which I have to perform various tasks with animals and try to unlock more forests locations as soon as possible. Perfect game to play by the whole family.
  • I have really l...! by Ammy
  • I have really liked this game because there are all new challenges and tasks included which I love to solve with my friends. This game is the complete package of fun and entertainment. While playing the game I observe myself in the real forest locations.
  • There are sever...! by Rusty
  • There are several adventure games in my collection but this game is one of my favorite because there are various new levels which I have to play and I really liked it!!! Must play it for once…
  • I have played a...! by Daniela
  • I have played all series of Sim collection, but SimAnimals is one of the best games among them. Graphics of all location are designed excellent which gives feeling of original wildlife environments. Easy and addictive gameplay.
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