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Wii Ultimate Band Game - Buy & Download

Details of Ultimate Band
Category: Family
Company: Disney
Price: $9.03
List Price: $29.99
Release Date: 2008-11-25
Customer Rating
Age Rating: Everyone 10+
About Ultimate Band

  • In Ultimate Band, you can perform rock and roll in different shapes, sizes, flavors and colors. Without making use of bands, you can perform all steps like rock star and can become famous while moving towards music careers and participating in neighborhood garage. In world famous venue, players will have to prove themselves in front of many audiences around the world. Wii Remote and Nunchuk can be used for playing drums, bass guitar, lead and guitar and changing band members to create a new musical environment. You can play the role of front man and can make use of music-mimicking peripherals without any cost.


    You can choose female or male character, build images, wear different types of costumes that suit your personality and assign names to various bands. New characters can be explored that can take part in various competitions outside garage like well-known clubs and stages around the world. After taking experience, you can participate in Stage Breaks that only take place when singers are in their groove and having background of themes of different environment. VJ can be played by changing color of the lights and turning on and off stage effects with many other things. More than 30 famous songs from famous artist like The White Stripes, The Who, The Jonas Brothers, Weezer and more are present. This game can be played on 8 gaming modes like Jamhalla, Aztec Palace, Dome Debut etc and many more. It is a multiplayer game and you can do competition with other players in narrative story mode and multiplayer modes and participate in head-to-head competition or cooperative play.

Ultimate Band Game Screenshots:
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  • Customer Reviews
  • This game has g...! by Karen
  • This game has given me an opportunity for using many famous bands like drums, bass guitar, lead, guitar etc. While playing I have become popular by finishing all music carriers and winning contests that take place in neighborhood garage.
  • This game has g...! by Ron
  • This game has given me lots of experience for using certain types of music bands and performing at famous clubs and stages in front of huge audience. After playing this game, my fear has get removed that will help me while giving interviews in company.
  • I have use VJ w...! by JP Schuerman
  • I have use VJ within the game by modifying color of the lights and turning on and off stage effects and many items of my choice. While performing I have wear dresses that are wear by rock stars. The colors and designs of costumes are very good.
  • I have playe...! by Doug Turner

  • I have played this game in multiplayer mode with my friends on internet. While playing, I have participated in Stage Breaks show and head-to-head competition. By making proper use of all features and Wii remote I have completed all levels of this game without any trouble.

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